Purpose of creation of "SPOCUA Foundation"

"The SPOCUA Foundation" is a non-political, non-partisan, non-militaristic and tranquil organization that supports and encourages the reuniting of the Korean peninsula through serene and thoughtful means. Our organization believes the encouragement of athletic events that support these ends will be the future of all movements to bring together all human efforts that seek peace throught humanity.











Mission of the SPOCUA Foundation


SPOCUA is an organization that intends to mend the relationship of two Koreas through unity and reconciliation. We firmly believe the unity and reconciliation will alleviate the tension present in Korea and contribute to the peace in Asia. SPOCUA will conduct a variety of athletics, cultures, and educational events in order to proclaim its mission and invite each and every country to participate. All members of the organization will use their experience to serve its mission. Through cooperation of each member with different backgrounds and expertise. SPOCUS will execute its mission to fulfill its duty to world evangelize and more toward world peace through nuclear disarmament




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Please call us at: +1 808 861 3925 or info@spocua.com


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Letter from the president of France
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Letter from the president of Russia
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Letter from the president of United States
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